For fans of cycling and road bike CIOCC is a brand that recalls the beginnings of the great tradition of the artisan Italian frame. During the 60s Italy is characterized for the birth of several workshops competing with each other to create the best bike. These will then become the famous brands we all know that would bring the Italian bike to be the most appreciated worldwide.

It is in this context of "cycling renaissance" that appears "CIOCC" on the initiative of Giovanni Pelizzoli, ex-racer, frame builder and craftsman.

Since 1980 Stefano Bonati and 1982 Giuseppe Biffi have carried out the project CIOCC. The brand CIOCC can therefore still rely on the expertise and experience of designers and craftsmen that can ensure the continuity of tradition and quality, from the outset of his best "pieces".

CIOCC is still a major player on the international stage and is present with a complete range of products with high content of quality and technology, CIOCC have also developed a range of "vintage" steel frames, which include those made with traditional techniques that have made the brand famous, with the same attention to detail and choices of materials that make the CIOCC product the "real Italian frame."

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