Casati Frames

Casati is an Italian company that predominantly manufacturers carbon and steel frames for road bikes.

Casati also creates a few specialist frames for different types of bikes like time trial bikes and tough terrain bikes. Whichever type of frame you choose to purchase from Casati it will have the same stylish flair that has made Casati one of the most popular bike frames around.

If you would like to visit our bike shop in Barnsley we will be able to talk you through the advantages of each different type of casati frame. Our staff also have an in-depth knowledge of the history of casati, which they will be only too happy to pass onto you.

Some examples of casati bike frames include;

How do Casati make their frames?

We have been lucky enough for casati to give us a detailed look into how they make their carbon road frames. View our casati frames news article for more information.

For any information about our stock call us on 01226 292 111 or Click Here and fill out the short form below.

Casati Frames

FrameMaterialPrices From
Casati AlienaCarbon T800 / 1000 Super HM 3K£3295.00ENQUIRE NOW
80 Anni GianniCarbon 3K HM 60 T1000 High Modulus£3795.00ENQUIRE NOW
80 Anni GianniColumbus New Generation Steel£2695.00ENQUIRE NOW
AlienaCarbon T800 / 1000 Super HM 3K£3495.00ENQUIRE NOW
CampionissimoColumbus / microfusion lugs£1995.00ENQUIRE NOW
Campionissimo OroColumbus / microfusion lugs£2495.00ENQUIRE NOW
Demone SLECarbon monocoque T800 HR 50£2195.00ENQUIRE NOW
Demone SLE (R)Carbon monocoque T800 HR 50£2195.00ENQUIRE NOW
ExpressoColumbus Spirit steel / Silver fillet brazed£1995.00ENQUIRE NOW
inox T99Columbus / inox XCR 316L£2995.00ENQUIRE NOW
Laser Speciale (ext)Columbus Spirit steel£1795.00ENQUIRE NOW
Laser Speciale (int)Columbus Spirit steel£1895.00ENQUIRE NOW
Linea Oro ClassicColumbus / microfusion lugs£1695.00ENQUIRE NOW
Marte 2Carbon T800 Super HM 60£2995.00ENQUIRE NOW
MonzaColumbus Cromor Steel £1295.00ENQUIRE NOW
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