Fitting Service

In 1999 Racescene was (and still is) the first in the UK to introduce the World concept measuring system which incorporates, customers measurements and converts the data into frame sizing. From the sizes produced it allows the operator to create the frame size on a jig which the customer can then try before choosing a frame or bike.

Unique System

What makes the system so unique is that the software will check every size and if an unusual measurement is entered it will show up as an error. The final measurement will give frame size, saddle height, saddle set back, stem length, bar width, crank length and stem height. Other factors which will determine the set up is customer physique and requirements. Ultimately giving the customers the most efficient cycling position.

Professional Advice

We will advise on the different ride characteristics between materials and, irrelevant of manufacturer, point you in the right direction for the frame that will be best suited to your requirements and budget.

For any information about our stock call us on 01226 292 111 or Click Here and fill out the short form below.

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