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Purchased my Casati 53x11 from racescene a few years ago now.Fitting courtesy of Freddie was time consuming and spot on.Michael built the bike and as usual he was very meticulous in making sure everything was as it should be.I go back each year to have this and other bikes serviced with them and if you can put up with a bit of leg pulling etc and give it back you will enjoy the Race scene experience.Recomend them 100% They provide a service second to none but if you want a supermarket bike then go elsewhere.

5/5 stars

arrowTopshop - by Mick - 25-06-2014

"Nobody should go anywhere else"

5/5 stars

arrow - by Anonymous - 06-05-2012

Just wanted to say a big thanks to (in no particular order) Richard for the tea/coffee...always a good cuppa. Michael for fitting bits at a moments notice & just calmly gets on with it. Freddie for being the consummate professional that he is. You guys really are the best in the business-thanks once again. Still waiting for my lottery win...it's just a matter of time...so I'll be back! Now if only I lived closer...

5/5 stars

arrow - by Anonymous - 09-03-2012

Ehup Freddie, I got out on the Ciocc the other weekend, on the Tom Simpson memorial ride. What can I say, it rides great. Really comfortable but still nice and responsive, steady as a rock in a straight line but still corners precisely. Really happy with it, you did a good job sizing it up. And to top it all off it looks spot on, just need to get my stem finished off now and summer to arrive so I can get out on it more. Cheers Kial

5/5 stars

arrow - by Kial - 06-03-2012

Hi Freddie, Can I take this opportunity to say a big Thank You to everyone at your shop for the friendly, expert and efficient service you provide to your clientale. Linda and I are both very impressed with the "nothing is too much trouble" attitude you all have. It's a good job for me that you're not on my doorstep as I'd never be out of there and it would cost me a fortune! Your Sincerely, John Noakhes.

5/5 stars

arrow - by John Noakhes - 04-12-2011

Thanks Freddie Delighted with the bike and the new riding position and getting admiring comments from my mates. Regards Geoff

5/5 stars

arrow - by Geoff - 30-11-2011

Freddie, Managed to get out on the bike a couple of time now, and absolutely delighted with it! Wanted to let you know, and thank you again for your help and advice, definately made the right decision. Much appreciated. Best Regards Gareth

5/5 stars

arrow - by Gareth - 07-10-2011

Since I decided to return to triathlon after a 12 year break Race Scene have built me 3 bikes and looked after my every cycling need. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they have been a huge source of useful advice and support. This has given me the confidence to progressively improve my cycling training, performance and triathlon racing. I have won my age group at a number of events and successfully completed Ironman France in 2010 (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle followed by a marathon). On September 18th 2011 I won my age group (55 to 59) at Challenge Henley (an "iron distance" race in Henley-on-Thames, UK). I did the 112 mile cycle on my Casati Mistral in 5 hours 45 minutes. I could not have achieved this without the support of everyone at Race Scene. I cannot recommend Race Scene more highly. Richard for his interest in everything you do, Freddie for his brilliant common sense technical advice and Mike for his super workshop skills. Thank you Race Scene. Nobody should go anywhere else.

5/5 stars

arrow - by Cris Swinhoe - 14-09-2011

The weather gods smiled so I got my first 25km+ plus on the Devilry...everything I'd hoped for, great handling (taking the hands of on a +50km/hour descent and the bike didn't move) - tracks really well, comfortable ride and great acceleration...you read these reviews in Pro Cycling and think a bike can't be that different, but, compared to the 5 year old Pinarello, there really is a big step up with this! Really pleased and it looks so great too... thanks again for your help and the rest of the crew there...and, of course the guys back at Ciocc... decided I need to upgrade the current club rule on "must ride Italian" to "must ride a Ciocc"...got to be the way to go! Have attached something more suitable than me standing in the store with a suit on...think it's more fitting for the bike! By the way, the position, right now, feels perfect, so, as and when the wheels arrive in I'll bring the bike up and that "chimney top" can be chopped...bars are a little lower than I've been riding, but it definitely felt "right!" Thanks again

5/5 stars

arrow - by Mark - 04-08-2011

Just a quick note to say a big thanks for all the advice with the new frame. Had my first ride on it with bob and Mel on Sunday and the ride on the somec was awesome! What an armchair ride so plush compared with the daccordi. Everything was spot on, the back problems disappeared on the first ride and everything else was top notch. Mel and bob were in raptures as we pushed the racescene train down the hope valley all that was missing was the team car! Thanks again and my only regret was not coming to see you guys earlier to get fixed up! See you soon.

5/5 stars

arrow - by John - 11-07-2011

At last ,had my first ride on my new bike. Perfect day, dry, no wind.The bike is superb, very smooth, comfortable, fits snugly like a hand in a glove. Gea changing was fine, though not much opportunity to get on the big ring.Cleats, well that was quite funny. The first set of traffic lights I hit after less than 5 mins on bike, lights were on green, but for some reason, this bus decided not to go, consequently, I am hovering, lose balance and topple over on to pavement. It was more amusing and embarrassing, no injury to me nor damage to the bike, an ambulance was next to me anyway!! After that useless start, I just got into the ride, settled down and everything was fine. Thanks to both of you for your advice and support, it was necessary and appreciated.

5/5 stars

arrow - by Denis - 02-07-2011

Picked my mavic wheels up today after being trued and they have never been so good, thankyou very much.

5/5 stars

arrow - by Anonymous - 24-06-2011

Just to say thanks for doing a top job with the bike, just done a quick (well for me) 30 mile and it's like having a different bike under me. I've been very impressed with the service I've received from you guys so thanks again.

5/5 stars

arrow - by John - 21-06-2011

Been out on the bike for three rides now. It feels fantastic, the main difference being that my ride position has noticeably changed, whereas on all my previous bikes i felt the urge to hutch to the front of the saddle when it was getting a bit tough (particularly on the hills) the shorter top tube allows me to stay in my correct position and just push down more power on the cranks. To be honest i wasn't expecting such a fundamental change and its has surprised me how much more effective my pedal stroke now is in comparison to on my other bikes. Thank you once again for all your help, the bike fitting, loan bike and my bike. It has been a pleasure dealing with you, Glynn and Mick. The whole process from start to finish has been truly fascinating and one i am already recommending to everyone at Dinnington Racing Club.

5/5 stars

arrow - by Ben - 15-06-2011

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