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In 1999 Racescene introduced a revolution to bike buying in the UK. We took the process of matching rider and bike to a whole new standard and started offering a level of technology and science that up to that point had only been available to the world’s elite pros.

Other systems have come along since but no one else uses what we still consider to be the best – The World Concept Measuring System. What makes it unique and effective is the balance of computer smart software with plenty of hands-on involvement. We make sure we know every aspect of you as a rider in order to find the best bike fit and most efficient riding position. Then we apply that information to everything from frame size and saddle height to saddle setback, stem length, bar width, crank length and stem height and more.

Unique System

Before you even look at a bike we’ll to talk about you – your shape, size, physiology and flexibility. We get to know your sporting background, if you’ve already had a bike that wasn’t right for you, plus what your cycling goals are and your ability. It all helps us to build a unique picture of you as a rider.

At the end of the process we find people coming back to us using words like ‘incredible’ or ‘unbelievable’ when describing the first ride on their new bike, and we think that says it all.

A bike fit is included as part of the service when purchasing a bike or frame from RaceScene.

Measuring Service

Our bike fitting service is available to all customers regardless of the make, model or style of bike. You can take the data away with you, we can use it to transform your current bike or it can be the first step towards building your perfect new ride.

Frame Manufactured

Working with your individual measurements, we can then establish the correct frame geometry offered by our quality suppliers including monocoque construction, pre-set or custom geometry.

Bike Built

Your new frame is built to the finished bike with all agreed components to create your perfect ride.

Get out there!

Now the best bit. You’re all set up and ready to get on the road and enjoy.

Why go to all this trouble?

It’s pretty simple – if the bike doesn’t fit then you’re in trouble. It sounds obvious but you’d be amazed how many people forget this basic truth. Some bike shops think a hands-on measuring session is an extravagance, we think its the only way forward . We know that every customer is an individual and what is right for you won’t be right for anyone else – it’s all about the little details. Riding the perfect bike is a brilliant feeling, and will encourage you to ride more. A poorly fitting bike means bad posture and inefficiency that can cause injuries and stresses to your body.

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Get your perfect fit

Here’s how it works. We’ll spend time talking through your cycling background, how long you have been using your current bike, any injury history, goals and what you are looking to achieve from the fitting.

If you use clipless pedals we recommend you bring your cycling shoes with you.

We’ll look at the following items during the bike fitting:

  • Frame Geometry
  • Saddle height
  • Saddle position & Set back
  • Cleat position and type
  • Stem length
  • Stack height
  • Bar width
  • Crank Length

We’ll then summarise and explain what we’ve covered during the fit and why we’ve done it. If components need to be changed for a different type or size, we’ll book the bike into the workshop. All the new measurements for your bike set up will then be put into a summary report and you’ll get a print out to take away.

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